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Boston Grand Piano 178

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Boston Grand Piano 178 £9,995

Pre owned Boston Grand piano

Size 178 cm

Polished Black finish

Boston are designed and made by Steinway.



Width 178 cm
Height 101 cm
Depth 200 cm
Weight 285kg

Keyboard Number of Keys 88
Key Surfaces – Acrylic resin
Key Surfaces – Phenolic resin

Pedal Type Sostenuto


Lid Prop Positions 2
Prop Safety Stop Yes
Edge Square
Key Cover Lid/Fallboard Locks No
Soft-Close Fallboard No

  • Advanced scale design


  • Solid spruce soundboard and ribs


  • Duplex scaling


  • Solid copper wound bass strings


  • Aluminum alloy action rails


  • Yamaha balanced action


  • Specially designed hammer shanks


  • Reinforced keyframe pin with adjustable guide


  • Hardwood reinforced keyframe


  • Sostenuto


  • Polyester finish


  • Resin sheet foundation


  • Lid prop stopper


  • Solid brass casters



  • Seasoned for destination