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Kawai K-15 Upright Piano Polished White

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Kawai K-15 Upright Piano Polished White

Kawai K-15 Polished White £3,620

Also available in Polished Black and Polished Mahogany. Other finishes £POA

Kawai K Series

Soundboard of the special class
The Kawai wood technology uses all the senses … see, smell and keys, when choosing the best woods. The resonance panels are made of solid spruce with very even grain, carefully selected, asymmetrical and scientifically tested to meet Kawai’s high demands on resonance behavior and the best sound.
The most precise piano mechanics in the world
Through the combination of material strength, stability, precision and reliability, Kawai’s “Ultra-Responsive Action” is a leader. The hammer heads are pressed from 100% “premium” wool. To make the mechanics resistant to climatic influences, due to the different seasons, changes in temperature and humidity, Kawai has pioneered work and constructed the mechanical bar and the aluminium hammer-back bar. Many other precision parts of the mechanics are cast from extremely resistant ABS Styran equipped with a very low friction resistance.
The catch construction
In the K series, the catches consist of a strong glued timber construction which ensures optimum strength and excellent stability of the entire construction.


In addition to the exceptionally large solid spruce soundboard, the K-15E also utilises four fully laminated back posts, delivering optimum rigidity and enhanced tuning stability. With attractive ‘continental’ styling and compact design, the K-15E is a contemporary instrument suitable for today’s modern living environments. Offering impressive specifications at an affordable price, this instrument represents an exceptional introduction to KAWAI quality for families and first-time piano buyers.


  • Height 110 cm
  • Width 149 cm
  • Depth 59 cm
  • Weight 196 kg