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Steinmayer SG143 Grand Piano

RRP: £5,995

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Steinmayer SG143 Grand Piano Available in Black polish only.

The ideal choice for smaller enviroments, The Steinmayer SG143 baby grand piano offers great value at an affordable price.

Steinmayer SG143 Grand Piano Designed and engineered by the German piano maker Lother Schell,

known for his work with both Ibach of Germany & Young Chang of South Korea, Steinmayer pianos are manufactured by the Beijing Piano Company, founded in 1949 and now established as China’s second largest piano manufacturer.

BPC’s recently completed new factory, on the outskirts of Beijing, is one of the world’s largest and most modern piano manufacturing facilities, where, unlike most other piano makers they also make most of the parts for their pianos, ensuring greater control over quality, design & engineering.

In 1998 Steinmayer Pianos were awarded the ISO International Quality Certificate and now export to 68 countries worldwide. The Steinmayer Mark2 Series was introduced in 2000, with their high level technical specifications they have been long established as the best selling Chinese pianos in the UK & Ireland, with the Steinmayer S108 in particular being voted the best selling chinese model in the latest retail survey by the prestigious music trades magazine MI Pro.

Steinmayer SG143 Grand Piano

  • Height 101 cm


  • Width 148 cm


  • Depth 143 cm


  • Weight 270 kg