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Weber W185 BP Grand Piano

RRP: £10,699

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Weber W185 BP Grand Piano

The Weber W185 BP Grand Piano offers outstanding value for money for an advanced level grand piano. At 6’1” it offers a surprisingly dynamic sound with a rich and mellow tone. The W185 suits both contemporary and traditional environments and is a beautiful addition to any home.

The new Weber D Series are designed and engineered by the renowned American piano meister Delwin Fandrich who has radically redesigned and upscaled all existing grand models. New features include a completely new frame and round tapered soundboard design, rescaled stringing, new tenor and bass bridges, longer back scales through the bass, and other new features that enhance the bass response, also creating a smoother transition across the tenor break and a better tone balance throughout the scale.

The pianos feature new upgraded Royal George felted hammers, utilising a special cold press process which preserves felt resilience, improves pianissimo and timbral dynamics. Many components have been upscaled , including A A A grade for grands solid maple action parts and top quality bushing cloth. A redesign of the actions on all models has resulted in a much lighter, more positve touch.

The D Series Weber pianos feature a much warmer sound coupled with a more dynamic tonal response to yield a much stronger and more powerful sound.

  • Height 101 cm


  • Width 151 cm


  • Depth 185 cm


  • Weight 310 kg