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Why choose our Home Piano Rental with Purchase Option?

The decision to purchase a new or restored piano could turn out to be costly should the interest fade or you decide you prefer another piano.

It is also unwise to spend too littlehome piano rental buying a piano, since a cheap instrument will have a poor tone, poor touch and tuning instability and it will discourage, rather than encourage the budding pianist.

The alternative is our Home Piano Rental with Purchase Option.

It has the distinct advantage of being a fully guaranteed new or nearly new instrument, with good touch and tone, thus providing the player with maximum encouragement.

home piano rental

  • The Home Piano Rental requires no security deposit.Delivery is usually possible within 5-7 working days (weekdays only).

  • Home Piano Rental is also very useful for visitors who are only in the country for a few years.

  • Rental scheme NOT available for digital pianos.



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home piano rental