Learning the piano? Why not rent!

Why choose our Home Piano Rental?

Renting a piano for beginners and those with a young family is just one cost-effective way of learning to play piano. Best suited for short term, because it will meet your needs in terms of budget and allows you the opportunity to see if your children really enjoy learning to play without making a bigger financial commitment. Piano rental allows you to have a piano in your home for all the family to enjoy before making the choice to buy a piano. Of course, with interest free credit options such as “Take-It-Away” also available to help spread the cost, of buying a piano, new or second hand, rental is just one option to choose from when starting out learning to play.

So why rent a piano? All too often we hear of people who have started to learn and have bought home a piano advertised as “free just needs tuning” sadly this is rarely the truth and once you have paid for piano removals and tuning, the so called “free piano” has ended up costing a lot of money only to find out it won’t stay in tune, which inevitably puts people off playing and can be the reason the beginner gives up. Far better then, to rent a piano for a short time perhaps 3 or 6 months to see how much fun learning to play can be, then if the piano is still being enjoyed, come and choose your very first piano, confident that you are at the beginning of your piano story. Our rental pianos are subject to availability and include makes such as Steinmayer, Kawai,Ritmuller, Yamaha to name just a few.

Short term rental is also a popular option for visitors to the UK who perhaps prefer to rent a piano for 6 months or longer.

At this time, we do not rent out electric digital pianos for short term beginner/visitor rental. If you have a piano event and wish to hire a digital piano, upright or grand piano do give us a call or look under our menu heading Event Hire.

Piano rental is strictly subject to availability and a particular brand cannot be guaranteed, if you wish for a colour/make/finish then you need to be looking at a purchase option but why not give us a call to see if short term rental is right for you or drop us an email.

NOT available for digital pianos.

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