Yamaha Pianos

Here at Countrywide Pianos, we dedicate our time working with the best piano makers the market has to offer and we are proud and honored to supply Yamaha Pianos. We recognize quality and with this Yamaha range we know that you’ll see this too.

We are an independently run business which means you can rest back knowing that we hand pick the best pianos from each piano manufacturer and give you a range that we truly believe represents the best the piano industry has to offer. With this Yamaha piano range we are confident that this is what you get. In today’s market where everything seems to be purchased online, we feel proud to  represent the high street! Each Yamaha piano is completely individual, and we recognise just how important it is to our customers to be able to get to know their Yamaha piano before taking it home. To hear it, to feel it to choose it … we love to talk shop! It’s our passion, it’s business, it’s what our family have been doing for over 30 years. So, come down, take a seat and let’s play some music!

Yamaha have a range of upright and grand pianos, the range which we have chosen to stock are;

Yamaha Disklavier piano

Yamaha Upright pianos
U1 | U3 | b1 | b2 | b3

Yamaha U series pianos

b Series

The entry-level model in the b series is the Yamaha b1. At just 109cm in height and 148cm wide, it is a compact entry-level model with a modern cabinet design and slim profile. The Yamaha b1 and it’s  Silent version are amongst  our favourites.  The Yamaha b2,  stands at 113cm tall, in a traditional cabinet and castors.

One of our most successful model of the b series is the Yamaha b3, which comes in at 121cm in height. The Yamaha b3 uses the same design, body, frame and bridge as the popular Japanese-built U1 model, yet at a price similar to many second-hand Yamaha pianos offered, making this model a serious contender when choosing a piano.

All the Yamaha b series pianos are available with the Yamaha SILENT system for quiet practice using headphones.

U Series

The Yamaha U1 & Yamaha U3 pianos have, for many years, held their position as a great sounding, well-built upright piano. The Yamaha U1 model is 121cm tall, made in Japan using higher quality components, the Yamaha U1 has and remains, an industry favourite. We stock New and Secondhand Yamaha Certified  pianos reconditioned in the Yamaha factory. New or second hand, the Yamaha U1 and Yamaha U3 are always in demand.

The Yamaha U3 stands at 131cm tall, which is favoured amongst professional teachers and musicians alike. Both Yamaha U Series models are available with Yamaha’s silent system making them the ideal hybrid piano for making music day or night.

Yamaha Grand Pianos
GB1K | C3X

Unchanged: GB1K | C3X

Our range begins with the entry level Yamaha GB1, a popular choice for both price and its small Baby Grand piano size. For Schools, stage, studio and home use, the Yamaha CX series offers outstanding tone and response. For smaller spaces, without compromises to quality, the ever popular Yamaha GC1.

Yamaha are leaders in hybrid piano technologies and many of their grand pianos can be ordered in SILENT, and Yamaha Disklavier editions. Silent Yamaha grand pianos allow you to play using headphones, as the name suggests, the Yamaha piano is virtually silent when used in headphone mode, making it perfect for apartments, family homes and pianists who need the flexibility of practising any time of day or night.

Yamaha Disklavier piano

Yamaha Disklavier self-playing pianos
DU1 | DGB1K | DC3X

Yamaha Disklavier pianos can offer all the benefits of the Silent Edition plus, the ability for the piano to physically recreate a recorded performance with exact detail complete with moving keys, hammers and pedals. With a vast and expanding library of piano music available, some with vocal and other instrumental sounds too.

The Disklavier and Disklavier ENspire are available for demonstration in our showroom and we would love to invite you to book a one-on-one appointment to see and hear these amazing pianos. Yamaha Disklavier pianos are ever popular with hotels, theatres, recording artists and dance schools. Not forgetting of course, the home too! Yamaha Disklavier is available in grand and Upright pianos.

Yamaha Disklavier piano